Hey everyone,

I’ve got a few quick updates to share today, so let’s dive right in.

MIT Reality Hack

Last month Normal got to sponsor the MIT Reality Hack hackathon and had an absolute blast working with everyone there. I just about cried when everyone cheered for us during the opening ceremony. …

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a quick holiday update for you. We’re making Half + Half free for the holidays, and we’ve added a new game mode called Starball :)


With its smooth movement, serene environment, peaceful music and the sound of wind rustling between your ears, it’s no wonder that…

Hey fam,

A few weeks ago we launched our multiplayer VR game Half + Half! We’re beyond thrilled with the release, and we wanted to share a few highlights as well as a few updates we’ve made today.

We made a big splash at the Oculus Connect 6 keynote. Half…

What’s up family!

Not too many people know this, but the entire team at Normal works remotely. Having a remote team has allowed us to hire people all over the world. However, it can make collaboration difficult. No one wants to open a VR prototype, try it out, and then…

Yooooooo, I’ve been waiting to write this post for over two years now.

I originally got into VR because of how immersive it is. And while it can transport you to an entirely different world, it’s still a very isolating medium. In most cases, everyone else in the room is…

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog! We are NormalVR, your neighborhood virtual reality shop.

As we delve deeper into VR, we occasionally come across obstacles and opportunities that we think are worth sharing with the VR community. We hope to write about how we navigate the unique set of…

Normal VR

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